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A mother speaks – Trinidad Guardian

Trinidad Guardian
A mother speaks
Trinidad Guardian
The news of Greaves’ death spread like wildfire with local newspapers carrying the headline: “Trini Shot dead in Toronto, Canada”—the country in which he resided with his family at the time of his passing. Finding out a loved one has passed is never Visiting T&T for a month, this certified social worker hopes to meet with the relevant organisations and government officials to implement her programme locally.
“We must become cognisant of the struggles of young people and we must do all in our power to give them hope,” she admonished.

"Absolute integrity" – NOW Magazine

NOW Magazine

Gary Webster became an unlikely hero, a quiet, meticulous civil servant, well known globally and respected for his expertise while rarely talked about at home – mostly because he was too busy implementing change to worry about interviews.

Webster’s leadership ensured that the TTC continues to be one of the three lowest-cost transit agencies in the world, per passenger carried or kilometre travelled – something we as taxpayers and fare-paying riders should be proud of.

During his time as CGM, the TTC started giving tours, participating in Doors Open Toronto, the Pride parade and Caribana and engaging young students as TTC Ambassadors at events.  

Three honoured locally for Black History Month – Oshawa Express

Oshawa Express
Three honoured locally for Black History Month
Oshawa Express
Russell Charter, Pastor Kevin Cole amd Lyril Browne are three local residents who share one common trait.

They are dedicated to spreading culture and equality in the community, making Durham a multicultural mecca where education and diversity thrive.

According to Club Carib, Charter took a group of ‘masqueraders’ to Toronto’s Caribana for the first time in 1979, and their group emerged as band of the year in the competition. He served for two terms as president of Club Carib and has since attained  

Full marks for two quality educators – Royal Gazette

Millicent (Carey) Burgess was awarded the Reverend Addie Aylestock Award, and Phyllis (Simmons) Brooks received the Harriet Tubman Award at a special awards brunch arranged by OBHS. Both ladies are in their 80s and live in Canada.
Before Caribana there was CANEWA. That event served as the precursor to Caribana, a popular annual festival in Toronto that celebrates Caribbean culture. “I have been involved with CANEWA since way back,” said Mrs Burgess. “I came to Toronto in 1957, and I became involved with CANEWA

McBurnie lived to dance – Trinidad Guardian

McBurnie lived to dance
Trinidad Guardian
The T&T Guardian concludes its tribute to great black women in history with our very own Beryl McBurnie—dancer, choreographer and founder of T&T’s first theatre—The Little Carib Theatre
Federal Parliament of Toronto in April 1958. In fact, the celebration in Canada in 1958 would influence the way Caribbean culture was understood in Canada. Her performances in Canada helped pave the way for Canada’s Caribana festival in the 1960s.


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