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Dragonaires hit the road – Jamaica Observer

Dragonaires hit the road
Jamaica Observer
From the 3-6, they will play the Caribana Festival in Toronto before moving on to Britain 7-9. For the remainder of the month, the Dragonaires have shows booked for the Canadian cities of Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton. The Dragonaires was formed in

1963 footage of Byron Lee & The Dragoinaires demonstrating the latest dance craze from Jamaica: the Ska! with shared vocal duties

The Dragonaires was formed in 1955 by Byron Lee while he was a student at St George’s College in Kingston. The band had marginal success in the ska era of the early 1960s, but made a name for itself a decade later by recording a series of wellreceived calypso albums and songs.

The current Dragonaires lineup has one original member, percussionist Carl Brady. Other long-serving members are keyboardist Neville Hinds, trombonist/vocalist Sammy Johnson and guitarist Errol Gayle.

Lee, who initiated Jamaica Carnival in 1990, died in November, 2008 at age 73

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