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In Brazil, Baby Steps (Literally) Toward a Small-Town Carnival – New York Times (blog)


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New York Times (blog)

A small town Carnaval in Brazil, 
New York Times (blog)
At the Carnival celebrations in Rio, Salvador and Olinda – the country’s three best known — an influx of foreigners drives prices way up. But then there are towns like São Luiz, wedged into the tropical green hills between São Paulo and Rio.

“Having covered the 2010 flood, I was happy to see that things had improved. Though some buildings were still boarded up, and most notably, the church was missing, the heart of the colonial center, where multicolored streamers hung from brightly painted wooden poles, looked great.

“It was also packed. According to a spokeswoman for the town, 120,000 people

The Tritonian: Brazilian ‘Carnaval’ 2012 One Big Party – my.hsj.org

The Tritonian: Brazilian ‘Carnaval‘ 2012 One Big Party
my.hsj.org means high school journalism
Salvador is located in the northeastern part of Brazil. The city was the first Brazilian capital, so the city has an old architecture aspect, which shows the unique portion of the city that is situated in the state of Bahia. In fact, Carnaval is In past years, a significant increase of foreigners has joined the Brazilian Carnaval. Since Brazil is considered part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) group, which means the current emergent nations in the world, a lot of people have started to check out what Brazil has to offer.

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