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Portela to honor the 2012 Bahia Carnaval

Portela does Carnaval Bahia for 2012

With a backdrop consisting of a replica of the Lacerda Elevator, Riocentro in full, the battery Portela gripped the Abav visitors who passed through the booth of Bahia. The traditional school of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro’s carnival officially announced that Bahia is the theme of the enredo of the 2012 Carnival.

Composers Wanderley Monteiro, Luiz Carlos Max, Tom Birth and Naldo have written the plot titled “The people in the street singing a prayer is made, a ritual,” [“E o povo na rua cantando é feito uma reza, um ritual"] portrays the most famous festivals in Brazil, such as Lavagem do Senhor do Bonfim and Iemanjá that happen every year in Salvador.

The director responsible for the marketing company that takes care of Portela, Teresa Ferraro, said that the decision to honor the Bahia “came from a spontaneous idea to address the popular festivals of the state, greeting his people.” She said the theme was well accepted by the community portelense due to various affinities with the people of Bahia, especially when it comes to musicality and religiosity.

For the Secretary of Tourism of Bahia, Domingos Leonelli, this is a great opportunity to publicize the Bahia state as the parade will take place on Carnival Sunday in prime time and televised throughout Brazil and more than 191 countries. “What we’re working on now is the best possible impact. We will support specific events, like this we are doing with the battery Portela samba featuring the Fair Abav. In addition, we advertise in the magazine Portela bring operators and travel agents who already sell Bahia in Rio de Janeiro, the events promoted by Portela to the theme of the state, “added the secretary.

During the event, which marked the meeting of the flags of Bahia and the Portela samba the Rio Bahia joined the Nelson Rufino, one of the main icons of Bahian samba. For Rufino, the enredo confirms the respect and admiration of  Rio for Bahia.

Samba Funk: an interview wit’ Artistic Director Theo Aytchan Williams – San Francisco Bay View

Samba Funk: an interview wit’ Artistic Director Theo Aytchan Williams
San Francisco Bay View
However, my specialty is in cultural dance forms – West African, African Brazilian, and some African Cuban, African Peruvian and various African Latino social and carnival dances. I study and present carnival dances of the Americas, including North
Photo: Racheal Goodwin

A SambaFunk! dancer on Brazil Day 2011

M.O.I. JR: What makes Brazilian dance different from traditional African dances as well as different from the dances created by Africans in the Americas?

Theo: Since Africans touched the shores of the “New World,” our influences have been immediately felt. In Brazil, African influences are easily identified in the music, dance and food. The strong traditions of the drum, call and response singing and chanting, and some religious and social traditions have remained in Brazilian culture. Brazil is the largest country in South America and home of the largest population of Blacks outside of the African continent. The state of Salvador is the welcomed home of African Brazilian lifestyle, and Bahia is the first capital city and original landing spot of the Portuguese explorers.

Upon my visit in January of 2011, I witnessed a strong African presence. Brazilian dance has retained many elements of traditional African dance; however, it has developed its own infectious style.

The most popular Brazilian dance worldwide is Samba – another African art form. In the ‘70s there was an interest in Funk, and a new genre of Samba Funk was created, while the ‘90s saw the infusion of Caribbean rhythms creating Samba Reggae. Contemporary Brazilian masters have infused modern dance with religious and social dances, creating new artistic expressions as well. In SambaFunk! we stay open to learning and expressing all of these aspects of African Brazilian culture. We regularly invite visiting masters to teach.

SambaFunk! performs for Shpongle\’s \”Beija Flor\” Encore

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