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Three Amazing South American Carnavals:

Rio de Janeiro, Barranquilla and Gualeguaychú

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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: pre-lenten
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest and most famous of the world,
thanks mainly to the samba parade celebrating local schools in
the Sambadrome.
Cariocas have spent months preparing all the details of this amazing spectacle of light, color and joy.

Takes place during the hottest time of year and every year flock
to Rio thousands of people to enjoy the fantastic party.

The carnival frenzy makes the tickets sell out to major events
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The themes of Rio Carnival must be Brazilian in nature but that is
an increasingly expanding limitation as Brazilian influence

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Essays in the Sambadrome

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During the weeks before Carnival proper schools “Panel” and “access to” realize their full technical trials Marques de
It is a unique opportunity to appreciate the preparation of the show and hear samba.

The Big Parade Rio Carnival will usually takes place in February, but actual date varies from late January to Early March. The carnival atmosphere and rhythm of the samba and the Rio craziness begins in December with their summer season.
Beginning in January from Friday to Sunday will perform tests of the main samba schools.
Following the tradition trials are open and conclude with the exhibition of the winning school the previous year’s
And most important: the entrance to the Sambadrome to watch the trial is completely free!

Beginning on Weekend Evenings in Decemeber/January
[Friday Saturday & Sunday] and leading up to the Carnaval

Ifyou do not conform to the tests and you want to experience the incredible atmosphere of the Carnival parade prepares real pocket, because prices are high, although it is true that is a unique experience in life that deserves to be seen.

To enjoy the Carnival in style you can buy a ticket for calls cabins, undoubtedly the best places to
attending the big party, with food and drinks and security service.
An entry of this type is around 1.000R $ (400 €), priced out of reach for most.

Another option is to buy a ticket for calls blankets,
also in sheltered places, but no food or drinks, the price is about $ 600R (about 250 €).

If the price of these inputs remains out of reach you can purchase tickets at outdoor sites arquibancadas
called cadeiras and whose inputs are priced ranging
from a few real arquibancadas of several hundred
reais for the cadeiras.
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Mini-parade in the town of Samba

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To enjoy the atmosphere of the big parade in a more quiet
and above all learn a little bit of samba, you can attend
the mini-parade of Samba.

The show or Samba Eu Sou helps a little closer to
this dance in Brazil is a whole way of living.

The second part involved a samba school dancers,
percussionists, singers and banners.

After the show there will be a mini-parade in which the
audience will also participate.

It will take place every Thursday and Friday from 9
and tickets are around $ 60R (26 €)

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Carnaval in Barranquilla, Columbia

When: pre-Lenten

Another important carnival in South America is the Colombian
city of Barranquilla, north of the country.
The Barranquilla Carnival tradition dates back centuries and has been proclaimed the Intangible Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Like most Carnavals is South America Baranquiilla will peak on the five day Carnaval weekend ending on Carnaval Tuesday.  big Carnaval like this have just the two seasons: before Carnaval and after Carnaval with parties and, practices  election of royalty beginning in October


The mixture of local traditions felt in many aspects of the party: dance originating in the Americas, Africa and of Spanish origin as the monkey, the howler and paloteo respectively; music like cumbia, puya and porro, and
instruments like drums or maracas and cheerful.

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Events of the Carnival of Barranquilla

The festival will begin on February 18 with the Battle of Flowers, the most important event of the whole Carnival. This is a big parade that will begin in the Via 40 at 13:00.

There will be a Battle of Flowers on the street 17 with Carrera 35 at 15:00, ending in the CAI of Simon Bolivar.

This huge parade will be led by the Carnival Queen 2012,
followed by numerous parades, floats and folk groups that
entertained the audience with a unique spectacle.

Masks are an essential element in the Carnival of Barranquilla and costumes marimondas popular as the cumbiambas or doodles can be seen in the celebrations. With ottonassar by the image

On Carnaval Sunday  there will be the Parade of Tradition in the Way 40 at 13:00 pm in the cumbiambas participating groups, and traditional folklore troupes, but the floats.

After the parade, especially at 19:00 at the stadium Romelio
Martinez will take the election and coronation of Queen of Queens.

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The extras are the major players on  Carnaval Monday  at the Grand Parade of Comparsa, starting in the 40 Via at 13:00.
The music, dance and color will be the backdrop for this great

Later, at 15:00 you can sit in the stadium Romelio Martinez
Orchestra Festival,  where
30 Colombia and international bands will participate  and compete for top honors country music.

On Carnival Tuesday, the last day of Carnival, will begin in the Plaza de la Paz Traditional Dance Festival and Special , a show worth seeing.

In it you will enjoy ancestral dances free.

As a climax to the Carnival of Barranquilla is buried Joselito, a figure that rises each year at the beginning of the holidays and “dies” at the end of Carnival.
The event, known as “Joselito goes with the Ashes” will be held at 16:00 in the race 54 and Calle 59 and ends in Down district.

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Carnival in Gualeguaychú, Argentina

When: every Saturday in January, February and March the
first Saturday

Where: Across the bridge from Uruguay and a few hour by car from Buenos Aries. This a great opportunity to
experience multiple great Carnavals in South America

Another Carnival in South America that we must mention: the Carnival of the country, held every year in the city of Gualeguaychú Argentina, a municipality in the province of Entre Rios.

It is a colorful spectacle of popularity not only national but international in which creativity is the true protagonist.

This Carnival lasts curious, as is held every Saturday in January, February  and the first Saturday in March. Takes place Corsódromo in the city, with seating for 40,000 people, the days mentioned from 22:00. They parade the groups whose costumes are impressive for their  and the amount of feathers and sequins that are creating an amazing spectacle of color that will delight all those present.

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In the Country Carnival 2012, organized by sports and social clubs will parade the groups O’Bahia, Marí Marí and Slips. This edition pays homage to Carlos Dahuc, former leader of the Syrian Lebanese Cultural Center (one of the organizers of the carnival associations).

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In the two days that Carnival has been held attended by over 18,000 people every day of the tremendous spectacle of Corsódromo Gualeguaychú.
The general ticket price is only 100 pesos (about 18 €), so
worth a trip to Argentina to witness this intense and
vibrant party.


There are still many days to enjoy the Carnival of the Country in Gualeguaychú. Go ahead and go to the city in Argentina to be part of a show that surely will not forget.


MORE: You can check the price of tickets at the official site here .


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