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is the greatest source of joy for the people of Bahia. 


 Carnival is structured on three official circuits, namely Dodô, Osmar and Batatinha, with the participation of more than 200 entities divided in blocks of trios, Afros, Indians, children & choice, afoxés and independent trios. The festival also takes place at the historic center or the Pelourinho – where not only are there many stages for the presentation of bands and groups but untold surprises in the concentrated Carnaval village.


The creation of a fourth circuit to the Rio Vermelho has been discarded for 2009  The reason was to move closer to creating a greater variety of cultural options. The chairman of the Tourism Company of S / A (Emtursa), Misael Tavares, said “What the city needs is more cultural. We want the neighborhood has the characteristics of the circuit Batatinha, where there are several options of musical rhythm,” he explains.Lorenza05.JPG

Selling tickets to the bleachers is a big part of financing the Carnaval for the groups and for 2009, the groups have been given a larger role in selling tickets to the spaces. For the Avenida Sete de Setembror there will be two new features: a competition of walls decoratation using recyclable materials such as plastics, styrofoam and fabric and the adoption of the alleys by the private sector.


There is high expectation that the global recession will not effect the Salvador Carnaval and that the growth in revenue from display advertising which reached U.S. $ 11 million in 2008 from only U.S. $ 2.4 million in 2005 will not only be met but continue its strong growth. There remains growing demand for the best located seats and allocating the public space transparently is an increasing challenge.

Emtursa is promoting the rescue of the older carnival art forms and wants more musical bands to play so look for some competitions.

FAST FACTS: Salvador

Bahia – Brasil 

2012 coming soonGERÔNIMO was
chosen as King
for Carnival 2009 from an Internet vote where over
180 candidates were nominated.

By Dec. 3rd, 2008  Carnaval 2009 already had recognized 2,009
children prince and princess

Samba walk on
Dec. 1st, 2008 attracted 200 thousand people

It is officially a 7 day Carnaval ,beginning
on the evening of Carnaval Wednesday 
the opening of the Dodô circuit  (formerly the Barra-Ondina
circuit)to honored Carnaval groups, and
only ends on Ash Wednesday morning
, with the meeting of
electric trios at the Castro Alves Square and the famous
arrastões led by the local King of rhythm, Carlinhos

The City government provides the best Press Center of all the
major Carnavals, installed in the Campo
Grande’s refinedTropical Hotel da Bahia. 
Press Center is well equipped for Internet transmission.

By the end the Carnaval will experience the direct participation
of over 25,000 people

Salvador receives an average of 800,000 visitors for the

The Salvador Carnaval gathers around 2 million people throughout
25 kilometers of streets, avenues and squares. It is an amazing
annual  without compare.


  [Portuguese only]; English from Portuguese for
Portal Oficial do Carnaval de SalvadorPrefeitura Municipal de Salvador

Av. Vasco da Gama, 206 – Dique do Tororó. CEP: 40240-090 Salvador -
Bahia – Brasil

Tel.: (71) 3176-4200 Fax: (71) 3176-4225


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