Vila Isabel



Av. 28 de Setembro 382 – Vila Isabel 
Samba nights: Tuesdays 20:00, Saturdays 22:00
Colors: blue and white 
Established in 1946 


eIn 2000 Vila Isabel finished in 13th
place, which meant it must drop down to the Access Group A where
it remained for four seasons.

In 2004, with a story about the city of Paraty, the Vila Isabel
became champion of the Access Group, beating the favorites Santa
Cruz & Academicos Rocinha. In 2005 with Joãozinho Trinta 
as the creative director or Carnavalesco in place he suffered a
stroke and could  not continue working as a story about
ships gave them 10th place.

Also in 2005 Ru, president of the school, arranged for ta school
hall or quadra on Boulevard September 28 at the street Rocha

In 2006, Vila Isabel Avenue led to the plot "Soy loco por ti
America – The town sings the Latin civilization, the carnival
Alexandre Louzada
, and took home the second title in its
history.   Vila Isabel was cited for inspiring
memorable bleacher  singing. Yet it is its patron PDVSA,
Venezuela’s state oil company that is most remembered.

In 2007, with plot talking about the
Metamorphoses, of Cid Carvalho, which debuted solo
career, ending in 6th position.

In the carnival of 2008, talking about the Workers of Brazil,
the Vila Isabel has a parade with rich and visually perfect.
However, a maneuvering error with the 8th and final float had an
impact. The Queen of batteria was the wonderful Natalia

In the carnival of 2009, the village spoke about the centenary
of the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, with the theme "In
this Stage of Folia, My Village Announces: Municipal Theater,
the Centenary Wonder, authored by the carnival Alex de Souza,
which in partnership with the celebrated  Paulo Barros,
finished in 4th place.

For the carnival of 2010, the village spoke about the centenary
of Noel Rosa, with the plot "Noel: the presence of the
poet’sVillage," with a samba  composed by Martinho da Vila,
the first time since 1993. In the end, the school was in 4th
place and appeared again in the parade of Champions on the
following Saturday.
3. In the end, the school was in 4th

2006 Champion Vila Isabel

sponsored by Hugo
Chavez -President of Venezuela

Simon Bolivar the
Giant of South America

The general who was the founder of many
republics in South America and a
frequently mentioned icon by Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez. There was a rumor
that Chavez himself might ride on this
float but he did not come to the


2012 Parading Theme

"You dance semba there… and I dance samba here!
The free chant from Angola"

Unidos de Vila Isabel explores the African roots of Brazilian

Vila Isabel carnaval

Vila Isabel

Vila Isabel 2006

Vila Isabel  2008



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