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‘!Carnaval!’ makes stop at Burke Museum – The Seattle Times

‘!Carnaval!’ makes stop at Burke Museum

The Seattle Times
published 2004

Carnaval! has a touring museum show associated with it

All of them are far removed from Rio de Janeiro’s ”feathers and bikinis.” Video footage of Carnival celebrations, on display in the gallery, helps bring the artifacts to life. For anyone wanting to explore the tradition in more depth, the Burke Museum 


Olinda, on the northeast coast of Brazil, is where Midnight Man and Day Woman hail from, although the giant puppets on show at the Burke are the work of local fashion designer Kiki Corona. Constructed on a wooden frame, they’re heavier than the equally large but wire-framed creations carried through the streets of Brazil (one person per puppet).

Eduardo Mendonça of Seattle’s Brazil Center, co-sponsor of the Midnight Man/Day Woman installation, says Midnight Man first appeared on the scene around 1910, but it wasn’t until 1967 that he found his mate.

Why so long? “It’s always hard to find the right wife, right?” Mendonça laughs. Midnight Man, he adds, now has “a very good marriage. … They have been together for decades.”


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