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2012 Street Carnaval Schedule

2012 Rio Street Carnaval Schedule top
[Friday Feb 17 – Sunday Feb 24}

Fri Sat Sun Mon Shrove Tuesday Wed Thur
Fri Sat Sun top
2012 Carnaval Friday 17/02


A bloco irreverent parades by Uphill Santa Teresa since 1991. Thus is born the Carmelites alluding to the Carmelite Convent installed in the neighborhood and whose legend holds that the nun leaves behind the pack. What is striking is the large number of revelers who wear the veil of religious order. On Shrove Tuesday is the script as opposed to the Carmelite convent was coming!
Bar Serginho
Friday 17/02
Rua Dias de Barros with Ladeira Santa Teresa – 14h

Bloco slide in Baba’s Okra
The bloco was created in 1977 by employees of RJ-CEHAB. The Baba’s Okra  is   in the Hole in the City Centre Lume.
Friday 17/02
Hole Lume – 16h

Embaixadores da Folia
The costumed ambassadors of revelry will ve throwing   confetti and streamers while singing marching songs, traditional samba and samba-enredo. The parade this year begins at the corner of Rio Branco and Presidente Vargas and will go  into   Lapa.
Friday 17/02
Rio Branco Avenue (corner of Avenida Presidente Vargas (centro) – 17h (concentration), 20h (parade

Vem Ni Mim Que Eu Sou Facinha / Come With Me as I’m real easy
The interesting thing is that this bloco does not parade. The revelers dance and sing to the sound of samba circles.
Friday 17/02
Praça Gal Osório – Ipanema – 17h

Bloco Virtual
Neighborhood has changed several times. This time is concentrated in Costão Leme.
Friday 17/02
Admiral Plaza Julio de Noronha – Costão Leme-18h

Rola Preguiçosa
The actress Zeze Mota is the godmother of the bloco. The name alludes to the male genital organ.
Friday 17/02
Rua Maria Quiteria
com Epitácio Pessoa – 18h

Concentra, Mas Não Sai /Concentra, But Not Out
As the name says this bloco does not parade. Samba musicians of several generations are presented on a stage.
Friday 17/02
Restaurant Severina – Ipiranga Street, 54 – Orange-18h

Boca Que Fala /Mouth Talking
Bloco Mouth Speaks of Sintrasef / RJ, parading through the streets of downtown. The plot of this year is “Dilma, take action, and do not move in our Social Security,” in allusion to the extent that the president wants to privatize Social Security of federal public servants.
Friday 17/02
Pilotis do Palácio Gustavo Capanema – 18h

Boêmios da Lapa/Bohemian Lapa
Bloco family trying to prioritize the community’s Lapa and adjacent to an integration with samba. Their colors: red, blue and white.
Friday 17/02
Travessa do Mosquera, 09 – Lapa – 19h (concentração) e 20h (parade)

Bip Bip
Bip Bip appeared at the Bar, but no longer has ties to the home. The bloco concentrates from midnight Friday night. Do not have an owner or director and instruments are welcome to thicken the bateria. It is one of the most unusual bloco of Rio de Janeiro as each one plays what he wants.
Friday 17/02
Rua Almirante Gonçalves, 50 – Copacabana – 19h (next to Bip Bip)

2012 Carnaval Saturday 18/02 [top]

Alvorada dos Embaixadores /Dawn of Ambassadors
Opens the carnival. This bloco is a true test of endurance for the revelers, as it concentrates from five o’clock in the morning. Even paraded Cinelândia where it meets the Black Ball.
Saturday 18/02
Avenida Rio Branco and Rua Sao Bento (Centro) – 6h (concentration), 8 am (parade)

Céu na Terra / Heaven on Earth
The bloco on a cable car acoustic parades through the streets of Santa Teresa with various woodwind, trumpets, trombones, saxes and tuba. On percussion, deaf, boxes, agogôs, ganzás, and more. Ukuleles and accordions add a special touch to the bloco. The visual appearance is not far behind: all costumed revelers leave, and counting with the presence of giant puppets, banner, stilts and other props like.
Saturday 18/02
Praça Odilo Costa Neto – Rua Áurea (perto do Bar do Gomez) – 08h (desfile/parade).

Cordão da Bola Preta /Cord of Black Ball
The cord exits from the Black Ball in a trio-electric streets pulled by the Centro banda with wind instruments and a delightful repertoire of sambas and Carnival songs. Participate in the parade godmother, Maria Rita, the standard-bearer, Leandra Leal, the interpreter
Neguinho da Beija-flor. In the 2011 carnival this traditional bloco gathered nearly two million people for its celebration of the carioca life of joy
Saturday 18/02
Candelaria (Cinelândia parades to the Avenida Rio Branco) – Centro – 9:30 a.m.


Dois Pra lá dois Pra Cá / Two To There To Here two
Founded and maintained by the dancer Carlinhos de Jesus. In addition to samba in the foot, the members evolve as the dances of ballroom dancing. The highlight of the parade is when the revelers sing
“Explode Coração” Exploding Heart” through the new tunnel between Botafogo and Copacabana. This year the parade anticipated for the morning.
Saturday 18/02
Alvaro Ramos Street, 11 – Botafogo – 10am (parade).

Empolga às 9  / Excited at 9
With a bateria itself, excites at 9 over there has a repertoire of eclectic, ranging from samba to the court frevo, through coconut maracatu stylish and funk beats. The plot is a tribute to 80 years of Christ the Redeemer, as the bloc took second place in the contest theme song pro with the samba Christ “Redeemer.”
Saturday 18/02
Atlantic Avenue in front of Queen Elizabeth Road through Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães – 11h

In bloco Escangalha, the repertoire is divided into three parts. First, a “heat up” with the bateria monitoring Cartola classic sambas, Zé Keti, Candela, Noca da Portela). After sambas plot and finally carnival marches and other things as the anthem of America and “the rhythm of samba” (which is cute …). The bateria comes with 100 members from the workshop of Master William Gill.
Saturday 18/02
Orsina Rua da Fonseca (near the Lower Gávea) – Gávea – 11h

Pega pra Sambar /Handle for Sambar
The Brotherhood Takes To Sambar motto is the joy and solidarity. It is a bloco formed by the carnival that takes lovers to help charities.
Saturday 18/02
Rua Gomes Freire com Rua do Senado – Centro – 11h (concentration).

Amigos do Bar Luiz / Friends of Bar Luiz
It is an excellent applied for after the ball. The bloco stands and plays a repertoire of sambas and marches.
Saturday 18/02
Rua da Carioca – 12h

Salsa e Cebolinha / Parsley and Chives
Not more scrolls. Now promotes the traditional feijoada restaurant Lapa.
Saturday 18/02
Rua Gomes Freire (in front of TVE) – 13h

Aconteceu /It happened
Parades to the Largo das Neves Bar Gomez. The bateria is controlled by the mestre Purito.
Saturday 18/02 – 16h

Fogo na Cueca / Fire in Underpants
The bloco on Fire Briefs makes irreverent parade through the streets of Copacabana. The organizers ask that the costumed revelers attend.
Saturday 18/02
Rua Maestro Francisco Braga – Copacabana – 14h.

The banda consists of musicians and singers from the musical Sassaricando. The repertoire, marches anthology drawn by Pedro Miranda, singer and percussionist of the Seed Group.
Saturday 18/02 Rua do Russel (near Hotel Glória) – 15h (desfile) – 15h (parade)

Bloco veteran of Carnival in Rio was founded by Nelson Rodrigues Filho in 1985, comes with two sambas and revelers are watered by a water truck. It is advisable to take a plastic bag to avoid water on your documents.
Saturday 18/02
Rua Assis Bueno with Arnaldo Quintela – Botafogo – 15h

Bloco Gargalhada / Bloco Laughter
Bloco Laughter brings revelers of all ages and, satirical and irreverent, recalls with good humor and optimism through messages, political, social and economic conditions of our country
Saturday 18/02
Av. 28 de setembro esquina com Souza Franco  - Vila Isabel – 16h

Exalta Rei  /Exalted Ruler
The bloco dedicated to the repertoire of Roberto Carlos (in the rhythm of drumming) back to the streets in force after huge success and shows the entire year. This time is “resting” or “flying” from the Palace Capanema.
Saturday 18/02
Palácio Gustavo Capanema – 16h – desfila pela Av. Graça Aranha

Carioca da Gema
Get out on the streets of Lapa with musicians playing drums and the repertoire of samba circles the nightclub that gives name to the bloco.
Saturday 18/02
Gomes Freire Avenue (in front of the Carioca da Gema) – 17h (concentration).

The Toco-Xona is formed only by women drummers. Stands in nice square Botafogo. This year honors English singer Amy Winehouse.
Saturday 18/02
Praça Jóia Valansi (na Rua Muniz Barreto) – Botafogo – 14h.

De palhaço e Louco, Todo Mundo Tem Um Pouco / Clown and Fool, Everybody Has A Little
Parade for the second time through the streets of Orange. The story pays homage to its founder, the hairdresser Erni Garcia, who died last year.
Saturday 18/02
Praça da Rua General Glicério – Laranjeiras – 18h (concentração) e 18h (desfile).

Cordão do Prata Preta /The Silver & Black Cord
The Silver Cord’s Black pays homage to Capoeira Jose Horacio da Silva, the Silver and Black all residents who participated in the “mazorcas” November 1904, the Vaccine Revolt. Aims to promote greater integration in the region of the Port Zone and promote the recovery of local memory.
Saturday 18/02
Sacadura Street, 375 – Health – 16h (concentration) and 17h (parade)

Banda of Sá Ferreira
The banda Sá Ferreira is one of the oldest bandas and traditional street carnival in Rio and performs his 41st parade in 2012.
Parades every day of the carnival.
Sunday 19/02
Rua Sa Ferreira corner Atlantic Avenue – 16h (concentration) and 17.30 (parade).


O Remédio é o Samba /The Remedy is the Samba
Formed in 2000 by doctors and lovers of samba. Parade in Copacabana. Sai ritimistas with
Mangueira and distributes masks for children.
Saturday 18/02
Rio Othon Palace – Atlantic Avenue (corner of Xavier da Silveira) – 17h


Banda de Ipanema (2nd show)Founded in 1965 by Albino Pinheiro, the banda parades along the beach of Ipanema. Fifty musicians play acoustic marches, sambas and frevos.
Saturday 18/02
General Osorio Square – Ipanema – 18h-Out of General Osorio Square, follows the edge of Ipanema, Rua Joana Angelica Street Viscount Pirajá and returns to the General Osorio.
2012 Carnaval Sunday 19/02

Cordão do Boitatá  / Cord Boitatá
The cord of the ball stopped Boitatá promotes young musicians playing choro and samba marches, gherkins and frevos the sound of an orchestra of saxophones, trombones and piccolos. The costumed revelers have to go, who is not will be left. If you arrive early still gets a mini-parade around the Praça XV.
Sunday 19/02
Square 15 – Centro – 09h

Cordão do BoiTolo /Cord BoiTolo
Born after the musicians did not appear to play Boitatá. Acoustically parades through the streets of the Centro with most of costumed revelers. It is one of the blocos parading without authorization from City Hall.
Sunday 19/02
XV Square – 09am (subject to last minute change).

The pack comes with an Opera playing batucada samba, frevo, funk, rock and more. How much now parades rocked in Flamengo Park.
Sunday 19/02
Flamengo (in the Bandastand to the Modernist MAM) – 10am

Grêmio Recreativo Areia /Gremio Recreativo Sand
The bloco sand, created by a group of friends from the volleyball net Aloisio, in front of the station 12.
Sunday 19/02
Concentra na Rua Dias Ferreira (esquina com Rua General Urquiza) e desfila até a Av. Delfim Moreira  Leblon – 11h

Laranjada /Orangeade
Paraded through the streets of Orange. Makes the turn around the Street Prof. Ortiz Monteiro with a hot sharp. It is a good bloco, which allows the will to play.
Sunday 19/02
Praçinha da Gal Glicério – 10h (concentration), 12h (parade).

Tourbillon Carioca
No fewer than 12 musicians play in the Tourbillon Carioca Monobloco. The repertoire includes various styles of Brazilian music, as well as international hits in the rhythm of drumming.
Sunday 19/02
End of Atlantic Avenue – Rudder – 13h

Simpatia É Quase Amor Sympathy Is Almost Love (2nd Parade)
The Sympathy is Almost Love parade along the beach of Ipanema. His battle cry is “Hello Bourgeoisie from Ipanema” and the color yellow and the purple Engov.
Saturday 19/02
Square Gal. Osorio with Rua Teixeira de Mello – Ipanema – 16h

Toca Rauuul in Tiradentes Square
Comprising 15 members, divided between bass, guitar, chip, woodwind, percussion and vocals, the bloco is re-readings of songs in various Raulzito carnival rhythms such as frevo, samba, and maracatu marching, without ever losing his grip rock ‘n ‘roll. The repertoire spans all phases of the career of Raul and the presentation has a strong visual appeal, with costumes, scenery, props, puppets and visual effects.
Sunday 19/02
Praça Tiradentes  - Centro – 16h

Banda of Sá Ferreira
The banda Sá Ferreira is one of the oldest bandas and traditional street carnival in Rio and performs his 41st parade in 2012.
Parades every day of the carnival.
Sunday 19/02
Rua Sa Ferreira corner Atlantic Avenue – 16h (concentration) and 17.30 (parade).


É do Pandeiro / You do Pandeiro
As the name implies, the bloco is the Pandeiro, founded in 2002, is integrated only by pandeiristas. The patron is portelense David do Pandeiro. The repertoire, samba, samba-enredos, samba, jongo, afoxé and more.
Sunday 19/02
Piazza San Salvador – Flamengo – 16h

Que Merda é Essa? / What is This Shit?
They say it got its name because, to parade for the first time, who was in sympathy would have asked that this bloco was coming in the opposite direction.
Sunday 19/02
Rua Garcia D’Avila, Avenida Vieira Souto through Rua Henrique Dumont – Ipanema – 16h

Bafo da Onça / Breath of Oz
The traditional parade of Oz Breath bateria composed of 100 women drummers and promises to ignite the Avenida Rio Branco.
Sunday 19/02
Rio Branco Avenue (corner of Avenida Presidente Vargas) – 20h

Cacique de Ramos (1st show)
The bloco rocking Cacique de Ramos animates downtown Rio The revelers come dressed as Indians kindling fires on Avenida Rio Branco.
Sunday 19/02
Avenida Rio Branco and Presidente Vargas (centro) – 21h

2012 Carnaval Monday [Segunda]20/02


Volta, Alice
The Volta, Alice was created by a group of friends joining irreverence, animation and solidarity. Represented by transloucado couple Alice and Mario, the bloco parades by Alice Street in Orange, animating the residents and revelers from all over, always passing messages humanists.
Monday 20/02
Seraphim Bar – Home of Alice Street – 08h (concentration) and 09am (parade).

Bloco Corre Atrás / Bloco Run Behind
Get out on the streets of Leblon playing marches and hymn composed by Edmundo Souto. The costumed revelers expected to attend. Has no car sound, just playing a charanga with metals and lead the revelers in Gogo.
Monday 20/02
Olive Bar – Rua Dias Ferreira – 09h parades Rua Dias Ferreira, General Venancio Flores Street to Dolphin Av Moreira.

Aconteceu / It happened
According parade happened, a good bloco and compact, which does not pump as much as others in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa. The bateria is controlled by the mestre Purito.
Monday 20/02
Largo dos Guimarães to the Bar of the Gomez – Santa Teresa – 14h

Bloco de Segunda  /Second Bloco
The second bloco is formed left-wing activists. The bateria of the United Youth of Dona Marta.
Monday 20/02
Cobal Humaitá (Rua Marques) – 14h

Sargento Pimenta e o Clube dos Corações Solitários / Sergeant Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club
Bloco of Sergeant Pepper, feeling the last carnival, will showcase its repertoire of Beatles songs in the rhythm of drumming.
Flamengo – 14h parade of Marina da Gloria to MAM

Pede Passagem / Calls for Passage
Parades by Praça Santos Dumont in Topsail.
Monday 20/02
In front of the Jockey – 14h (concentration), 16h (parade)

Picada de Primeira / First Bite
It is formed by students from the workshop of the Rio Samba Maracatu, in Progress.
Monday 20/02
In front of the
Circo Voador [Flying Circus] – 15h

A.B.R.A – Amigos Bandaidos Residentes no Amor Pré & Carnaval OPEN – Friends in Love Bandaits Residents Pre & Carnival
Fully carnivalesque atmosphere contaminated by Iara Renno, Cibelle and Jacobina Rubens had an outbreak of carnival music composition and decided to launch the bloco   Love.
Monday 20/02
Rua Goncalves, 17 – Centro (parades through the streets of the Sahara) – 15h

Se Não Quiser Me Dar Me Empresa / If You Want Me Do not Give Me Company
Founded in 2008, celebrates standing next to Posto 9 in Ipanema. With the participation of the bateria of St. Clement, the only school of the special zone of South
Monday 20/02
Avenida Vieira Souto – In front of the kiosk Almost 9 – 16h

Cub River Maracatu, the Maracutaia touches, along with traditional tunes maracatu, compositions, coconut, drum n ‘bass and even funk beat. It has a bateria of 15 drummers, and the dancers.
Monday 20/02
Square Odilo Costa Neto to the Largo dos Guimarães – Santa Teresa – 16h

AfroReggae bateria comes with 200 components comprised of students from the NGO holds workshops in the city slums. Interestingly, among the instruments, are pots, cans and gallons.
Monday 20/02
Ipanema Beach – In front of the Posto 10 – 15h (concentration), 16h (parade).

Bloco Cru / Raw Bloco
Botafogo moved to the centro. Does “show stopped” playing samba and rock. The repertoire includes Bahian News, Jimi Hendrix, Caetano Veloso, Kiss, Lobao, Rolling Stones. Bold puts a bounce in the hands of Keith Richards, send a rattle for David Bowie and playing opossum up to Freddie Mercury mixing down with deaf guitar with tambourine and hand-picked songs. The spree has new versions carnival for Radiohead, Nirvana, Dry and Wet, Mutantes, Tim Maia, Tom Waits.
Monday 20/02
Praça XV – 17h

Os Mariocas /The Mariocas
The Mariocas play sambas, Creole and drum marches, traditional pace of Maranhao.
Monday 20/02
Rua Áurea até o Largo do Curvelo – Santa Teresa

Banda of Sá Ferreira
The banda Sá Ferreira is one of the oldest bandas and traditional street carnival in Rio and performs his 41st parade in 2012.
Parades every day of the carnival.
Monday 20/02
Rua Sa Ferreira corner Atlantic Avenue – 16h (concentration) and 17.30 (parade).

Rancho Flor do Sereno / Flower Rancho Sereno
The Flower Sereno is mentored songwriter Elton Medeiros. Your goal is to revive the tradition of the early century Ranchos and rescue the repertoire of old carnivals.
Monday 20/02
Atlantic Avenue with Julio Rua Castilho – Copacabana – 19h



2012 Carnaval Shrove Tuesday 21/02
Carmelites (2nd show)
Again the bloco of the Carmelites leave early to avoid overcrowding. It is advisable to bring a hat and sunscreen. Makes the opposite of the sixth carnival.
Tuesday 21/02
Largo dos Guimarães – Santa Teresa – 09h

A Rocha / The Rock
Formed by students of the Lower Gorge PUC Gávea to the Planetarium. It is accompanied by a water truck watering the revelers.
Tuesday 21/02
Praça Santos Dumont – Gávea – 09h.

Parade of the bloco of the neighborhood with the public botanical garden and dressed musicians playing acoustically. Interestingly, the show opens to the sound of “Ave Maria”.
Tuesday 21/02
Rua Pacheco Leão to the Praça Santos Dumont – Botanical Garden – 10h (concentration).

Bagunça Meu Coreto / My mess Bandastand
The bloco comes with Flamengo. Presents a repertoire of marches. The organizers ask that the costumed revelers attend.
Tuesday 21/02
Piazza San Salvador – Flamengo – 10h

Rio Maracatu
The Bloco concert in Rio Maracatu maracatus plays and sings, sambas, coconuts and sieves accompanied by dancers dressed in character.
Tuesday 21/02
Station 8 to Station 9 (Ipanema) – 10am

Meu Bem Volto Já / My We’ll Be Right Back
The Carnival of Brazil over Argentina, Jorgito Sapia, runs the bloco parade in the neighborhood of Leme on the Avenida Princesa Isabel border with Lido just past the Tunnel that created Rio Sul. The bateria and parade route are especially worthwhile .
Tuesday 21/02
Concentration on the corner of Avenida Princesa Isabel Barata Ribeiro – 14h (concentration), 16h (parade).


Empurra que Pega / Push to Get
The bloco was founded in October 1990 by friends and residents of the neighborhood of Leblon.
Tuesday 21/02
Dolphin Av Moreira (of the Posto 12 Posto 11) – 14h

Orquestra Voadora / Flying Orchestra
Plays from marching, samba, rock, movie soundtracks and designs.
Tuesday 21/02
Flamengo Park (across from the Bandastand to the Modernist parades MAM) – 14h

Ultimo Gole / Last Sip
A good choice for those who keeps hanging around. Is concentrated in the Botanical Gardens square sympathetic playing sambas and marches.
Tuesday 21/02
Piazza Pio XI – Botanical Garden – 15h

Clube do Samba  / Club Samba
The Samba Club, founded in 1979 by João Nogueira had a tradition of reporting on a satirical political and social events. In the absence of Joao, the bloco is led by his wife Angela. Get out on the streets of Copacabana and its colors black and white.
Tuesday 21/02
Atlantic Avenue esq. with Santa Clara Street to Admiral Goncalves (Copacabana) – 15h (concentration), 16h (parade).

Largo do Machado, Mas Não Largo do Copo / Largo do Machado, But Not Largo’s Cup
Bloco-ethyl carnival. The official colors are the “bright white” and “hopscotch.” Focuses on Benedict Street Lisbon with the Largo do Machado and paraded through the streets of Lira Tavares, Catete and returning to the Largo do Machado.
Tuesday 21/02
Adega Portugalia – Largo do Machado –15h (concentration) and 18h ​​(parade).

Sorri prá Mim  /Smile at me
The bloco is led by percussionist Marçalzinho and the bateria is composed of ritimistas Vila Isabel. Special guests must appear for jam sessions.
Tuesday 21/02
Village Snack Bar – Vila Isabel – 18h

Banda de Ipanema (3rd show)Founded in 1965 by Albino Pinheiro, the banda parades along the beach of Ipanema. Fifty musicians play acoustic marches, sambas and frevos.
Tuesday 21/02
General Osorio Square – Ipanema – 18h-Out of General Osorio Square, follows the edge of Ipanema, Rua Joana Angelica Street Viscount Pirajá and returns to the General Osorio.

Banda of Sá Ferreira
The banda Sá Ferreira is one of the oldest bandas and traditional street carnival in Rio and performs his 41st parade in 2012.
Parades every day of the carnival.
Tuesday 19/02
Rua Sa Ferreira corner Atlantic Avenue – 16h (concentration) and 17.30 (parade).

Desculpa prá Beber / Sorry practical Drink
Sai since 2003, being formed by Cobal Humaitá goers. The bateria is controlled by the mestre Tiao Belo. Colors: orange and yellow.
Tuesday 21/02
Cobal Humaitá – 16h (concentration), 17h (parade).

Banda Braguinha
As the name implies, pays homage to the genius composer Braguinha.
Tuesday 21/02
Copacabana Palace Hotel to the statue of Braguinha at Station 6 – 16h

Se Me Der, Eu Como / If Der Me, I Like
It was created by samba dancers from Street Matoso in Tijuca. The name refers to the satirical carnival side show an ambiguity that recalls the difficulties and pains of the Brazilian people, who nevertheless does not cease to play the carnival. Samba 2012 is titled “Today is so,” speaking of updates, things in the world today, written by John Martins, Rodrigo Oliveira and Bernardo Bodão.
Tuesday 21/02
Praça Medalha Milagrosa- Tijuca – 17h (concentration) and 18h ​​(parade).

Cacique de Ramos (2nd show)
The bloco rocking Cacique de Ramos animates downtown Rio The revelers come dressed as Indians kindling fires on Avenida Rio Branco.
Tuesday 21/02
Avenida Rio Branco and Presidente Vargas (centro) – 20h



2012 Carnaval Ash Wednesday  22/02


Bloco Me Beija Que Sou Cineasta / Bloco Kiss Me I Am Filmmaker
It is the bloco of the film crew. They say that to be part of the bloco must have kissed someone of the seventh art. Are distributed bracelets of various colors (married, single).
Wednesday 22/02
Praça Santos Dumont – Low Gávea – 12h – (Makes around the square).

Chave de Ouro  / Golden Key
Parades in Ash Wednesday and has a tradition of “burying” an authority.
Wednesday 22/02
Bakery Golden Key at the end of Rua Dias da Cruz (Meier) – 12h

Batuque das Meninas / Row Girls
The Row Girls is a bloco made up of percussion workshops batuqueiras the Monobloco and Quizomba Bangalafumenga. He stands at Largo do Machado.
Wednesday 22/02
Largo do Machado – 17h


2012 Carnaval Thursday after Carnaval weekend 23/02


Voltar Pra Quê?  / Back To What?
The Back To What? consists of the Portela samba dancers and revelers who will not settle for four days of revelry. Annually, the bloco honors personalities and cultural entities.
Thursday 23/02
In front of the Teatro Rival
Rua Alvaro Alvim – Cinelândia – 18h (concentration) and 21h (parade).


2012 Carnaval Friday after Carnaval weekend 24/02


Só Tamborins na Lapa / Only Tambourines in Lapa
Despite its name, the bloco only Tambourines comes with bateria. The bloc aims to promote and publicize the voluntary blood donation.
Friday 24/02
Largo da Lapa (in front of the Pizzeria Guanabara) – 20h


2012 Carnaval Saturday after Carnaval weekend 25/02


Created in 2001 from percussion workshops held in the Circo Voador [Flying Circus], the Quizomba is formed by professional musicians and incorporates several genres Brazilian samba instruments, creating a fusion of dance rhythms.
Saturday 25/02
Arcos da Lapa – 10h

Bafafá  / Brouhaha
The bloco of the portal Brouhaha On Line is nine years in 2012. It consists of journalists, publicists and lovers of good music. As always, you must Orchestra playing sambas, frevos and marches. At intervals, the DJ plays the best of Franz sambalanço. Detail: the bloco does not parade and musicians are in the sand in the audience. The 2012 shirt is signed by the cartoonist Liberati.
Saturday 25/02
Post Nine – Av Vieira Souto – Ipanema – 15h

Mulheres de Chico / Women in Chico
Formed only by women drummers, makes only a revival with songs by Chico Buarque in the rhythm of drumming.
Saturday 25/02
Dolphin Av Moreira (at the end of the beach) – Leblon – 17h

Berço do Samba / Cradle of Samba
The bloco Cradle of Samba, coming from the neighborhood of Estacio, honors the samba and samba dancers in their plots.
Saturday 25/02
Avenida Mem de Sá – Lapa (along the Pizzeria Guanabara) – 20h (concentration) and 22h (parade).

Ai Que Vergonha / Oh What a Shame
Oh The Shame That was created for people who have no opportunity to go on any other bloco: wheelchair users, blind and deaf. The songs speak of social and environmental awareness and pollution of rivers, lakes and sea.
Saturday 25/02
Orla de São Conrado – 18h

2012 Carnaval Sunday after Carnaval weekend 24/02
With training school of samba, carnival group – created by musician Pedro Luis – mixing samba, coco, funk and charm. Come out with a bateria of 150 components. Parades on Avenida Rio Branco, the main artery of Rio de Janeiro, attracting huge crowds rivaling
Cordão da Bola Preta. and acts as a closing event to the Carnaval with the Parade of Champions the night before Sunday 26/02
Avenida Rio Branco – 08h (Candelaria to Cinelandia).


Condo Barangal
It consists of the Post 9 regulars who spend a samba in Rio Besides the curious name, parading without a car stereo with a brass Comlurb adapted with the amplifier. The guys in the question and send animation. The official colors are green and orange.
Sunday 26/02
Post Nine – Av Vieira Souto – Ipanema – 12h

Boka de Espuma /  Foam Boka
Sponsored by the Dominguinhos Estacio, the bloco of foam Boka won the streets of Botafogo with parade and barbecue at the end.
Sunday 26/02
Marquis of Olinda – Botafogo – 16h


Rio Street Carnaval 2012

Play comes easy to the carioca and there’s been no better example of this than the rapid rise of the Street Carnival to a level rivaling any Carnaval anywhere. Rio de Janeiro had already achieved the exalted pinnacle of every other Carnaval saying they were the second best but this had been a tribute the the twelve special samba schools and the greatest annual spectacle presented in the samba stadium known as the Sambodromo. Yet this parade came from the streets where the lesser leagues still parades.

The street Carnival since 2010 has been more closely regulated and continues to grow at a spectacular level since it began to be promoted by the city at the dawn of the 21st century. Previous common wisdom had cariocas leaving town for Salvador’s Carnaval because they wanted to experience the flow and vibe of the high energy streets. Presently the City is happy with the present   level of  450 bands and wants to manage the growing  audience of over 3 million people without adding to the chaos further with new bands and new routes

There’s been many different elements in the overall success.  Resurrecting the old marchinhas standards by some blocos  along with other groups dedicated to some other distinct Carnaval   rhythms and styles distinct, as maracatu, frevo, maxixe  and electronic music while ther groups promote their costumes. The groups are still neighborhood based picking 1 to 3 days for their parades preceded by an even longer period of contrating in place before setting off.

The City get much credit for managing a phenonenon which taxes its resources requiring much planning, rerouting and overtime. At most gatherings there is a strong managed presence of many resources from traffic, police, sanitation and an ever  growing number of public port-a-potties.  [reported to be triple the number in 2011] Quite a contrast to most cities where it is not uncommon for a parade to fade because it cannot afford the permit and insurance costs for a labor of love that hardy ever recovers its costs.

The City administration shows it knows how to handle large international crowds at all these street Carnaval with smooth policing, traffic control, organization of street vendors, availability of chemical toilets, medical care on call and street cleaning, aiming to give flow needs of this growing audience.

Not everyone is happy. Many residents wish the street Carnaval would go away and others were not able to add their group to the list of 450 who will parade during the 2012 Carnaval season. Sponsorship is increasing particularly from AmBev and Rede Globo,  Sebastiana – an independent association that brings together 12 blocos from the Zona Sul, Santa Teresa and centro – which has existed for a decade is now 10 years old and more recently there is the Folia Carioca, a league that represents nearly 20 city blocos and bandas who want to work on improving the condition of the street carnival.

The business of making joy contagious for Carnaval is continuing to evolve with a newer generation and new ides  In 2012 a group plans to award the  ”Golden Bloco”, to recognize the best of street revelry.

This is all in addition to the many of other healthy parts of the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval which had already put it in a league of its own.

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