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Sabrina Sato added Queen of Rio Carnaval to her much heralded resume as she was featured in Rio de Janeiro´s 2012 Carnival where she appeared as the Queen of the Druma or Rainha de
Bateria of Unidos de Vila Isabel,  The much loved school had their
best finish since taking the championship in 2006. Finishing 3rd in the
Sambdromo ranking with a score of 299.5 out of 300] and first in the
Gold Standard judging. The Samba Queen category is not officially judged
but it is certainly the most debated and photographed. Ms Sato she had paraded since 2008, 2009 and 2010 as a muse for Salgueiro and in 2012 was the Queen of the Drums for Vila Isabel Samba

Sabrina Sato was born in Penápolis, São Paulo, Brazil. She is half
Japanese (maternal side), 1/4 Swiss and 1/4 Lebanese (paternal side).
Sabrina Sato Rahal (born February 4, 1981) is a well known television personality
famous for her beauty. Also a  comedienne and model Sabrina Sato
sings and dances ahead of drummers of Sao Paulo’s Gavioes da Fiel samba
school since 2010 after parading with them since since 2005.

In 2003, she was cast in Big Brother Brasil 3, finishing sixth overall”]Talk show host, model and dancer Sabrina Sato was the sensation Villa Isabel wanted for their bateriahose mother

Talk show host, model and dancer Sabrina Sato was the sensation Villa Isabel wanted for their bateria [more 2012 Rio fotos

and discovered by Pânico, a comedy troupe with a radio show on the
popular youth-focused radio station Jovem Pan. Soon
after joining  the most popular radio show in Brazil, Pânico,
premiered on Rede TV. with Sabrina as the show’s main reporter. Her
coverage was known for its risky and unusual stunts such as being buried
alive, belching the lyrics to songs/ stories, and even eating bugs.
Along with Grazi Massafera Sabrina Sato is Big Brother Brasil’s only
female participants from the reality show that were able to a show
business career following their departure from the show.In 2006,  she released her first single, “É Verdade” (her catchphrase and
also “It’s the Truth” when translated), and received a great deal of publicity by talking about  leaving the show that made her
famous Pânico Later, she came back to the show and it was revealed that everything was just a publicity stunt.
Elected body of the summer 2011 by Internet iG – with 35%  over 32,000
votes in the curves of Sabrina measure 1.69 m in height, with an active
lifestyle that includes less time for dieting to maintain the current 59.5 kg than one would suspect. “Living on the run, I have not had time to work out.”Do not get fat because they talk too much, I’m hyperactive, ” Sabrina told Luciana Franca of the São Paulo iG

Her dieting sins include eating fried three times a week because of meetings with
colleagues from the “Panic on TV.”"On Sundays parmigiana and steak and chips. But then
compensate by eating more functional foods and try not to eat dessert every day.Another sin is beer. “I love also drink beer and occasionally wine and sake. But for soft drinks, I take only diet. ” She stays on the run with frequent flight to see Congressman Fábio Faria, who lives
in Brasilia

Entrevista de Justin Bieber a Sabrina Sato (Panico na TV) causa
polêmica na internet



Regime is a
little-used word in her vocabulary.Never made a liquid diet, for example.The one that worked and is recommended to stop eating carbohydrates after 18h for two weeks.”This works, the belly is dry, I’ve done before Carnival.” Her weight does not vary much, there are years between 57 kg and 61 kg.

Her exercise regime is less than one would suspect Over time tight Sabrina can run only once per week, 20 to 30 minutes.”I prefer outdoors, never in the wake,” she says. Also try to exercise twice a week, located to the legs and buttocks, with three
pounds of shin guards, accompanied by personal trainer. “It’s the best thing for the woman,” she explains. Boxing, she liked to train in a ring, has been overlooked in recent times”I exercise more for health, not to be grumpy and take my pulse for food.”

Owner of the body most coveted of Brazil with a beautiful body genetic memory also has other expert help with maintenance than her personal trainer and ballet training.


Sato has posed nude twice for Playboy Brasil, becoming
the first Asian Brazilian to be on the cover.



Orthomolecular medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that seeks to maintain health and prevent or treat diseases by optimizing nutritional intake and/or prescribing supplements.The approach is sometimes referred to as megavitamin therapy. Orthomolecular practitioners may also incorporate a variety of  treatment modalities into their approaches besides higher than normal vitamin intake such as  dietary restriction, megadoses of non-vitamin nutrients, and mainstream pharmaceutical drugs

The term “orthomolecular” was coined by Linus Pauling to mean “the right molecules in the right amounts” (ortho is Greek for “right”) based on
patients’ individual biochemistries.

Weekly sessions of Power Shape (suction, laser and radiofrequency) in the abdomen and the buttocks carboxiterapia – injection of carbon dioxide in the subcutaneous tissue. All under the guidance of Macedo Amilton orthomolecular doctor, with whom she is five
He also numerous prescription pills based on natural ingredients such as palm oil, red tea and acai seed to satisfy hunger, firming the skin,
increase metabolism and preserve the tan.

” Sabrina has zero cellulite, these treatments are for prevention,” says the doctor.
“She is privileged,to have the muscle tone of the Arab part of his family, 80% of good form it is due to genetics,” he adds.

He also recommends that a moisturizer with blue beads of vitamin A and D to sign and give luster to his famous legs. “She can not live without this cream.
She has particles that reflect natural light or studio and gives a gold effect, “says Macedo.

Lymphatic drainage is submitted that once a week also helps eliminate swelling.




“I only worry about one month before the Carnival,” says Sabrina, who is godmother
battery of loyal paulistana Hawks and was named 2012 Queen of the bateria for Unidos de Vila Isabel Samba School.

“How to take a vacation in January, I’ll have the month of February to recover the
excess of the trip and I prepare for Carnival.” In this period the host becomes three weekly sessions with a personal fitness trainer and triples the number of treatment sessions aesthetic.

Dr. Macedo has the folia recomeda before she cut the menu cow’s milk and and tubers
such as beans and lentils, to avoid a possible tummy.



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É Verdade”



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