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Gold Standard Awards

  • Best of the Special School - Unidos da Tijuca
  • Best storyline/enredo  - Vila Isabel
  • Best bateria- Portela,  mestre Nilo Sérgio Best battery – Portela,
  • Best samba-enredo/ theme song – Imperatriz Leopoldinense
  • Best ala  of Bahias – Salgueiro
  • Best ala - Bloco Makes Shame, - Bloco Faz Vergonha, da Vila Isabel
  • Porta-bandeira flag-bearer - Ruth, Vila Isabel
  • Mestre-sala - Julinho, da Vila Isabel
  • Best singer /puxador- - Ito Melodia, da União da Ilha
  • Best male dancer Fábio, da Mangueira
  • Best front line commission / comissão de frente – Unidos da Tijuca
  • Revelation -Revelação – Daniel, 2nd mestre-sala of Salgueiro
  • Personality - Tia Nadir, da Beija-Flor
  • Best female dancer -- Tina, da Mocidade de Padre Miguel
  • Best Samba from Group Access League- Império da Tijuca
  • Best Samba School Group Access League- Estacio de Sa2010 Unidos Tijuca -CHAMPION
The moment of victory belonged most to Paul Barros
Um "Paulo Barros"
 ”Feels like coming home… It’s time to celebrate.  When I went down the avenue at the time of the parade, I saw a totally different energy from other years. I had the feeling that it would be this time… This title is the greatest proof that it pays to be bold” said Barros to oglobo reporters.
The parade director/producer called Carnavalesco has been the most anticipated since his debut in the Special Group with the same school in 200

4 when his Tijuca took second place. It seemed inevitable the new star Carnavalesco would win the Samba School Special Championship and end a drought which began in 1936 for Unidos Tijuca after his presentation again took 2nd the following year in 2005. However, the judges disagreed with the critics and growing legions of fans till this year when a new system of scoring was put in place th

at was similar to the Olympics system of disallowing the high and low score.

Adriane Galisteu Queen of the bateria was everywhere at the Tijuca party in downtwon Rio “It was more than deserved and expected.Hit the woodwork twice, right?  But I think that title does justice to the story of Paulo Barros, who has been doing a good job for a long time. saiMy baby also debuted in Sapucaí with the right foot, ” said the well known talk show host who is 4 months pregant

. I need to  for an ultrasound yet, “said Galisteu.

Paul Barros earlier referenced the time it took for his work to be fully recognized as exceptional. “I waited and came. It was a lovely carnival, congratulations to all schools by the spectacle. But this (title) is ours. My secret was to work hard, committed to the school. Fernando Horta (president of Unidos da Tijuca), is to you, “he said.




Globo (the major tv/newspaper media network of Brazil) announces
the results for the
Estandarte de Ouro awards just before the official awards are given by LEISA. Decided by O
Globo's own team of judges are quite prestigious for the highlighted standouts from each of the 12 schools who contribute to their schools ranking.

Unidos da Tijuca
the  2008 Gold Standard

Estandarte de Ouro

The 2008 jury composed of Adelzon Alves, Argeu Affonso, Aloy Jupiara, Bernardo Araújo, Dorina, Felipe Ferreira, Haroldo Costa, Helena Theodoro, Luiz Felipe de Lima, Lygia Santos, Marcelo Mello e Maria Augusta.

Best Samba School of
the Special Group 

a coveted & respected award since 1972
Winners of the

Estandarte de Ouro for the 2008 Carnaval:

“I want, my mania is worth gold. I Tijuca, bring the art collecting my treasure “,Tijuca Carnavelesco Luiz Carlos Bruno, speaks of a habit attributed to mankind since the earliest days of its known existence. “This award is great because it involves everyone. Who built the school, who worked beside me and the four thousand stars now to do the show,” said carnavalesco Luiz Carlos Bruno in Portuguese to RJTV 1 st edition.  The school with the most awards was the Mocidade \ best interpreter, Bruno Ribas; best wing of the baianas; best committee of front; better passista, Evandro, and better teacher-room, for Rogerinho

ana_paula_2008.jpgImperatriz won three standards: best samba-plot  and best plot evolution, which went to master Marcone, who commanded a battery of the school. The plot speaks of the amount of Marias who crossed the life of Portuguese ruler Dom João VI in the most different degrees of kinship.

Salgueiro won two gold standard awards: best costume section or ala which was “Era of the radio” and the coveted best bateria  led by Mestre Pulpit:

The best school of the Access group according to the  Gold standard  was the Império Serrano. Here the distinguished committee of Carnaval experts was in accordance with the judges, and Serrano will be joining the Special Group in 2009. The committee in charge of the production elevated the characters Zé Carioca and the Carmen Miranda. Best Bateria Mestre in Grupo A was Átila A

2009 Carnaval Saturday at the Sambadrome

Porto da Pedra had two personalities receive awards in the special group, but their 12th place finish means you will need to look for them in the Sambadrome on Carnaval Saturday : Mestre Louro and porta-bandeira, Ana Paula.

 The Niterói  samba school Acadêmicos do Cubango  was awarded best samba-plot of Grupo Access. The enredo was entitled “Mercedes Baptista: de passo a passo, um passo”, sobre a primeira bailarina negra do Teatro Municipal or plot “Mercedes Baptista: step by step, a step,” about the first black dancer of the Municipal Theater.

Source URL @ globo.com Adopted from 2008 Ash Wednesday -  front page headline awarding Best Samba School to Unidos Tijuca based upon a panel of twenty distinguished Carnaval authorities.
Best Escola of Grupo Especial – Unidos da TijucaBest Escola of Grupo A – Império Serrano

Best Samba – Imperatriz

Best Enredo – Imperatriz

Best Samba of Grupo A – Cubango

Best Singer – Bruno Ribas of Mocidade

Best Comissão de Frente (dance group) – Mocidade

Best Porta-Bandeira (flag-bearer) – Ana Paula of Porta da Pedra

Best Mestre-Sala – Rogerinho of Mocidade

Best Male Passista (dancer) – Evandro of Mocidade

Best Female Passista – Ana Paula of Portela

Best Ala (parade section) – “The Radio Era” ala of Salgueiro

Best Bateria – Salgueiro

Best ala of baianas – Mocidade

Revelação (biggest revelation?) – Mestre Marcone of Imperatriz
Personalidade (most interesting personality?) – Mestre Louro of Porto da Pedra

2008 Enredos / Theme Songs


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